Scholar Overseas recognizes the challenges of the non-native English speakers when confronted with English Efficiency Examinations which is fairly at a nascent stage. PTE is an English test accepted by all the universities globally and good for visa application too. It is a computer-based test where the results are announced in 5 days. The scoring is out of 90 for the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking Sections. You will understand that our training program is versatile, most budget-friendly, and highly result-oriented for your success. We have the right ingredients for your highest possible PTE score, an assortment for individual student needs. We have:
⮚ Practice Classes with customised course materials, encompassing all tasks
⮚ We teach you tricks and give you ample tips with flexible class timings
⮚ Weekly mock tests to assess your development and build your confidence
⮚ Specialized classes are held for the ones who have fallen behind
⮚ One-to-one attention to improving skills and discuss exam strategies
⮚ Feedbacks are given by teachers to improve performances
⮚ Online portal and material access