Occupational English Test is the internationally acclaimed English qualification for medical and care staff. It assesses one’s ability to read, write, speaking and listening skills. OET offers:
⮚ Medically targeted language for healthcare staff
⮚ Improved communication among international medical colleagues.
⮚ Effective interaction between overseas medical professionals and their patients, caregivers and relatives.
⮚ Ensures a high level of English in the medical context.
Scholar Overseas programme delivers an intensive course of the OET which enables the candidate to:
⮚ Approach the course with confidence and become independently competent in a short span.
⮚ Communicate naturally with patients, their caregivers and families.
⮚ Convey written and spoken information to colleagues, effectively.
Our training course is accompanied by supporting packages:
⮚ Initial assessment of the candidate’s level of language
⮚ Progress tests conducted to monitor exam readiness and development
⮚ Open access to master classes for each sub-test