Scholar Overseas has been offering most successful prep courses for the DHA UAE exam for hundreds of medical professionals to achieve their goals. They are some of the very few test preparation companies that have been monitoring the DHA Exam on an on-going basis and actively updating course contents as well as MCQs. We ensure recording the feedback from original test takers as a result new students gets the best updated course.
Nursing professionals who desire to work in Abu Dhabi must appear and pass the HAAD examination. Diploma or Bsc Nurses with Minimum 5 months post registration experience can appear for this test and if successfully completed is eligible to work in Abu Dhabi. For this test Scholars Overseas has a wide range of study materials to support nurses to prepare for passing the exam with high scores. The exam consists of multiple choice of questions with three attempts to sit for the test.
To pass the online Prometric examination is mandated by the Saudi Council of Examination for the foreign nurses to serve in their country. The total duration of Saudi Prometric exam is 3 hours for Specialist Nurses and 2. 45 hours for Nursing technicians.In the case of Specialist Nurses, there are 150 questions and for Nursing Technicians, there are 100 questions.
The passing score is 65%. However if the percentage of candidates passing the exam is less than 70%, the passing score can be lowered by one mark at a time aiming at achieving 70% passing rate or a score of 60% whichever comes first. Under NO circumstances, may the score can be reduced below 60%.